4.1 Import DBGW library into TIA Portal

Table of Contents

1. Import DBGW library #

1.1 Unzip downloaded zip-file

1.2 Start your TIA Portal project, and select Libraries tab to the right and click on “Open global library” button

1.3 Select correct library:

For TIA Portal version 15.1:

– Select library DBGW_S7_1200_V15_1 for S7-1200 PLCs

– Select library DBGW_S7_1500_V15_1 for S7-1500 PLCs

For TIA Portal version 16:

– Select library DBGW_S7_1200_V16 for S7-1200 PLCs

– Select library DBGW_S7_1500_V16 for S7-1500 PLCs

And click “Open”