Hello, I’m Jens J. Broedsgaard

I founded the company Broedsgaard SystemIntegration ApS in December 2007. And I have been working fulltime in my company since.

After 11 years (1997-2007) as an Rockwell Automation employee in Denmark, I realised it was time for a change. That is why I started this IT consultancy company.

Company vision:

To assist End Users and Suppliers in achieving the highest possible integration between systems (like ERP, MES, SCADA, HMI, PLC, Robots & etc.) used in a modern production.

Company purpose:

No. 1: To sell consulting hours that enables integration between various systems, such as:
– Order- and Recipe-handling with ERP systems through Databases
– Traceability, including data logging and operator- & PLC-events
– SCADA and PLC drivers for integration of barcode scanners, scales, printers, displays, etc.
– Integration between databases and Robots, SCADA and PLC systems
– Prepare possible solution proposals in PowerPoint for decision makers and other stakeholders.

No. 2: To develop and sell software products that can fulfill company vision


Years in Practice: 36+ Years
School: Aarhus Teknikum
Graduation: Bachelor of Engineering in 1984


  1. Projectmanagement
  2. SCADA development, primarily FactoryTalk View SE from Rockwell Automation
  3. HMI development, primarily PanelView products from Rockwell Automation
  4. PLC development, Compact- & ControlLogix, PLC5, SLC & MicroLogix
  5. Recipe- & orderhandling using FactoryTalk Transaction Manager
  6. SQL database development for interfacing between ERP and SCADA systems
  7. Autogeneration of PLC-code from Excel spreadsheet
  8. And more than 36 years of automation experience in general