Database Gateway


Software for data exchange between SQL-Databases and PLCs

Supported on Rockwell Automation (RA) & Siemens PLCs

Use it for:

Order handling

– Recipe handling

Alarm & Event handling


– Inventory tracking

– Machine learning

– Machine data

Configuration data


– Datalogging in general


– Easy to implement

– No tag limits and no SQL query limits

– All SQL queries are supported (Select, Update, Delete, Insert, execute Stored Procedures with input- & output-parameters, Create tables, Drop tables, Backup DB and many more)

– SQL users, Windows workgroup and Domain users are supported

– Microsoft Azure Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform are supported

– Copy and paste SQL query directly from Microsoft SQL Management Studio application into a PLC string tag(s)

– All SQL queries triggered by the PLC, therefore no unnecessary data polling

– Add new PLCs, remove PLCs, add new queries, change existing queries and more, without interfering with other running queries or restarting Windows DBGW service

– Local HMI panels has easy access to database data, for selecting of orders or recipes by using standard tags in the PLC

– Avoiding scripting in SCADA applications for handling SQL transactions

No need for purchasing datalogging software

Software consist of 2 parts:

Part 1: Windows Service program (called DBGW-Service) installed on a Windows computer or on a Virtual Machine (Windows OS) in Microsoft Azure Cloud, Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform

Part 2a: Rockwell PLC’s: DBGW Add-On Instruction imported into each of your Compact- or ControlLogix PLC-program

Part 2b: Siemens PLC’s: Drag and drop DBGW Function Block from DBGW library into each of your S7-1200 & S7-1500 PLC-program


The PLC Add-On instruction/Function block DBGW is licensed to the PLC’s unique serial number.

No license on Windows DBGW-Service program, therefore no additional cost for implementing redundant database access or accessing both local and Cloud databases.

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